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Welcome Bettlers! It's time to surf through time and space with the four friends of the Bettleverse. Choose your friend, and immerse yourself in their storybook full of twists, turns, and challenges for you to conquer and chapters for you to complete, to unlock those star-filled surprises! Watch out for Dr. Strangebull though, the unpredictable shadow of darkness could strike at any given moment.

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Drop a deposit out into the darkness to accumulate hyperdrive. Deposit amounts are split into categories of €20-50, €51-100, €101-200, €201-500 and €500+ and are updated each time you deposit and vary according to the amount deposited.

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At LuckyBull, you can win trophies and add them to your treasure collection by undertaking different challenges. Go for bronze, silver or gold as you dive deeper into the worlds of Kronos, Casey, Megan and Faye. This is all part of what makes playing at LuckyBull a truly unique experience!

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Keep an eye on your progress meter, which tracks every deposit you've ever made and rewards you for every milestone.